About Us

Alkeron Inc. is a research and development company founded in 2006. The company started from developing technology for multimedia content distribution via a decentralized network or interconnected nodes. Since the initial prototype has been developed we pivoted towards a more generic solution that provies storage for any type of data across nodes of a distributed network. The stored data is broken down into smaller chunks, encrypted and distributed across the network with desired degree of redundancy. The content is also spread geografically guaranteeing that even in some catastrofic scenario when 70% of the network is destroyed, it will continue to function with most of the data unaffected.

The network nodes are untrusted but the stored content is protected by several layers of encryption and only owner of the data has ability to reassemble and decrypt the stored contents. The network relies on quantum-safe algorithms for encryption guaranteeing forward secrecy.

A network node is a computing device that is capable of running a small network agent and able to dedicate some storage for network functioning. Each unit of data stored in the network has associtaed lifecycle constraints and it will “forget” and purge expired content based on associated rules. The network is designed with ability to scale to billions of nodes and store virtually infinite amount of data.

A pilot implementation of the network is currently in operation.

Head office:

Alkeron Inc. 104 Longueuil Place, Whitby, Ontario, L1R 3H1, Canada Email: info@alkeron.com

You can also reach us by submitting your request through our support portal.